My Hiatus

Hi Everyone! I realize that I have not posted a new cartoon in some time. I have not stopped drawing, and I will be posting again soon.

If you have not heard I am currently involved in the Cartoonists Studio's contest for a syndication development contract. How cool would it be to see my Cowtoons in your local newspaper!

The contest has ten rounds that last a week each. Each week a large number of cartoonists are eliminated. I am currently in round 6 and look to be on track for round 7. The only way I will be eliminated is if I don't get enough votes to make the cut.

I have attached a link to this post. This link will take you to this week's cartoon. Please take the time to vote for me. There is a quick one-time registration to do so, but don't worry, they won't send you any spam. Once registered you can vote for me every six hours (four times a day). It would be great if you did that, but realistically anytime you can vote would be great. Once a week or once a day helps me move on.

Here's the link: http://www.thecartooniststudio.com/CartoonStripSearch.aspx?name=Jason%20Dodge

Thank you again,
Jason Dodge

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