Congratulations to the Winner!

Here's my final weeks entry. You can click it to see the full sized version...

Don't let the title of this blog fool you... It wasn't me. I did have a great time participating and do feel that being a finalist was a win in itself.
That being said, I'm a hugely competitive person and always have been. I don't like being anything but the clear winner. In this case, I am making an exception. The level of talent was far and away much higher than I thought it would be. And, in my opinion, I think many of the cartoonists involved in this contest are far better and much funnier than many of the cartoonists currently represented by Creators Syndicate.
Unfortunately they only had one development deal to give out, and were looking for a particular style to round out what they currently have. The winning amateur cartoonist was Daniel Beyer. Congratulations Dan. He's a funny guy and has been published in Playboy, The NewYorker, and Reader's Digest... wait did I say amateur ;)

Thanks to everyone for voting and I hope that I was able to create a smile here and there. I will now get back to drawing and posting on a regular basis...
Thanks Again!

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