I'm A Finalist!

So if you have not heard the word, I have been selected as one of the 15 finalists in the Cartoon Studios Cartoon contest. I have a few things to say about this.

This is a contest and just like in the movie Highlander, "There Can Be Only One!" So I feel privileged to have made it this far; especially given the quality of many of the cartoons that have been eliminated and the company I now find myself in for this final round.

The winner, announced on May 10th, will be receiving a Syndication Development contract from Creators Syndicate (http://www.creators.com/comics/cat-seeall.html). Creators Syndicate Represents Many great cartoons like BC, Archie, Winnie the Pooh, The Rugrats, Andy Capp, Heathcliff, Wizard of Id and many more. So The winner will be in very good company with the potential to publish a cartoon that could become a US household name.

The cartoons that have been selected for the final round vary wildly in both subject matter and style. What they all seem to have in common is that they are well written, stylistically consistent, and have a certain appeal. At this point it's the judges from Creators Syndicate Inc. who will decide. Their decision will be based on their individual opinions of what is "funny" and thoughts on marketability.

What this means is that just making it to this round can absolutely be considered a win! "They Like Me! They Really Like Me!" ;) I've seen many cartoons with much higher vote counts than mine eliminated every week (I was blown away by the quality of many of these). I'll be publishing a list of links to some of my favorites this week.

All along I have been asking you for votes and these have helped. the Judges use your votes as guides to get a feel for the marketability and mass appeal of the cartoons involved (Think of yourselves as having taken part in a large scale focus group). While the judges do make the final decision, they do rely on your votes as "likeability" guides. So please feel free to vote for your favorite cartoon!

If that cartoon is mine, I'm flattered. Thank you Once again! Vote away, and I hope that I have and can continue to bring a little levity and humor into your life!

Here, In order, are the cartoons that I submitted for each of this contest's 10 weeks.

Week1 (Click To View Full Size):

Week 2 (Click To View Full Size):

Week 3 (Click To View Full Size):

Week 4 (Click To View Full Size):

Week 5 (Click To View Full Size):

Week 6 (Click To View Full Size):

Week 7 (Click To View Full Size):

Week 8 (Click To View Full Size):

Week 9 (Click To View Full Size):

For this week's entry, you will have to visit Cartoon Studios' contest voting pages ;)

Yours In Great Humor,
Jason Dodge 

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